Bite of southwestern Guizhou province revealing deep in the mountains of mystery

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao
Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

“Two preview”

Guizhou Southwest buyi Hmong autonomous, is located in Yunnan Guizhou GUI three province (district) combined Department, Guizhou province southwest corner, and Yunnan-Guizhou plateau Southeast end, known as “Southwest barrier” and “Yunnan Guizhou key” of said; has cloth according to, and seedlings, and Han, and Yao, and beefy guy, and back, 35 a national, colorful Guizhou of folk style in here to perfect rendering, natural scenery, and natural heritage, and Humanities landscape, and national style both, property rich, views pleasant, like Xanadu.

“Golden State” 18 scenes

Golden State refers to Guizhou province Guizhou Southwest State, for vigorously development tourism, Guizhou Southwest state selection out has most has features and representative of scenic 18 a, respectively for: maling River Canyon, and million peak forest, and million peak Lake, and odd incense Park, and Yun Hushan, and mud Dang, and intermittent Springs, and CARP dam, and put horse ping, and enrollment mention, and double nipple, and San cha he, and North River Grand Canyon, and “24 road turn”, and isatis indigotica Fort Kui Temple, and swallows hole, and card method, and Guizhou Dragon fossil group.

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

Malinghe Valley—-Barry Gallery

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

Wanfeng Lake—-Lake Emerald

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

Wanfeng—-Southwest Lin Sheng (image borrowed from fellow poor small partners You Xiaoming)

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

Liu’s Manor

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

Monastery—-five fruitless

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

Geyser—-Moon fountain

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

Longcheng he Yun, an long: di Xia Yu he, remember?

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, revealing deep in the mountains of mystery the bouyei-Miao

Teats—-Earth Madonna

Former residence of he yingqin

Lubuge—-little three gorges

Valley of the strange fragrance garden—-strange fragrance

San cha he—-water Dan

Triassic in Guizhou Dragon fossils—-Dragon

Cloud Lake—-high clouds

Bite of southwestern Guizhou province, bring you to the most beautiful mountains.

“Two trips”

D1 (5/25) Shanghai direct flights in xingyi, staying at Hotel Beverly, and former residence of he yingqin, Southwestern Guizhou cuisine;

D2 (5/26) eye Lake this morning, afternoon tour of lubuge, Liu’s Manor, xingyi food Street at night;

D3 (5/27) Manor Liu swam in the morning, Customs Museum, odours, maling River Gorge in the afternoon, at night wanfeng Lake;

D4 (5/28) morning swim wanfeng Lake the monastery, peak forest, afternoon tour the teats, chahe, Nakong buyi village;

D5 (5/29) this morning You Anlong Zhao di, geysers, Lu in the Guizhou Museum, saga Bay Park this afternoon, golden age of Miao cuisine in the evening dance;

D6 (5/30) in return.



When the plane landed in southwestern Guizhou province on this land, my friends and I are shocked and stunned by the beauty of the southwestern Guizhou province!

Rooms at two of the best five-star Hotel–Beverly Hotel International, on a variety of tall, has there? Do you have?

God horse … … My dream lover must have long beautiful black hair, but also elegant piano … … I’ve been excited incoherent, has there? Has there?

Look at the color, smell this fragrance, taste, dry ribs, bosses, to death and hot Oh!

Camera inspection before you eat poison.

Dry pot Bullfrog

Steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers

“Southwestern Guizhou tourism strategy”

Xingyi is the capital of southwestern Guizhou, but also travel hub in Southwest Guizhou, Xiang Qi, Liu’s estates, marriage customs Museum in the urban areas, the more convenient.

Maling River is near the city, buses can reach the peaks, wanfeng Lake not far from the town, rent a bicycle after the shuttle reached the peak.

Former residence of he yingqin, a mud letter forest Dragon, South buyi village in one direction, combined tours, downtown to the former residence of he yingqin will take about 1.5 hours.

Yun Hushan, lubuge, nanpanjiang River Grand Canyon, the teats and other relatively far away from the city, tours is more convenient.

Ho Ying-chin, xingyi, Guizhou who had studied in Japan in 1909, joined the revolutionary Alliance. In 1911, the Xinhai revolution. In Guizhou, head of the army served as battalion commander, Brigade Commander, Army Chief of staff and other staff. The summer of 1922, the Yunnan Military Academy Dean. Spring of 1924 of Guangzhou Sun Yat-Sen mansion staff and became Whampoa Military Academy, major General Chief Instructor, Chiang Kai-shek cronies, KMT times important tasks. In Taiwan, served as the “Presidential Palace” Strategic Advisory Board Director of the post died.

In April 1890, he yingqin was born in a wood frame building in the South Chinese-style houses in the town, the House was originally an ordinary residence, is the father of Ho building, as Ho Ying-chin ranks continued after the promotion, its heightened family has rebuilt three times and eventually become a towering tall, bright and spacious first floor end of a standard-sided courtyard building.

Focus, focus … … Ho Ying-chin, the first husband said, their spouses can not have children but he yingqin was concubinage was not for life, and I look, look … … How big more domineering than me, do you want to rebel?

Former residence of he yingqin exhibits a large number of exhibition on the life of he yingqin, is helpful for understanding the period of national history.

“Habitat”, solved?

Building stone pillars, stone carvings, stone, stone walls, decorated with dragons and phoenixes, engraving fine; engraved on the wall of “Fish Leaping and Bird Flying” exquisite calligraphy; birds, insects, fish, lifelike.

Tourism in xingyi city, as “four brands” (natural scenery, natural heritage, cultural landscapes, folk customs) focus of the former residence of he yingqin architectural design has a high architectural artistic value and historical value, xingyi city, is a rare cultural tourism resources.

First courtyard, various tall wood? Has there?

Collective groups of HIV testing, how to watch!

Satiated returned after a five-star hotel, lying on a soft bed, good good fun so tired! Still hold on to and friends to explore all of the schedule for tomorrow! Donkey take you across Shanxi Province alone explore

From the floor to ceiling Bay Windows looking into the night at Golden State.

Good night, beautiful in two!



Most famous snacks in qianxinan, Guizhou’s top ten snack, chicken dumplings.

“Public house is sweet, but I am salty.” Chicken rice balls in the eyes of people who used to sweet dumplings, chicken rice balls are somewhat rare. Xingyi chicken dumplings with chicken as stuffing, filling chicken soup, and peanut butter. Unusually delicious, unique!

Delicious food is out, and a snack to be placed on a lot of powdered seasoning.

Cloud Lake is located in Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces (districts) junction, at the top station, clouds Hill fog and enjoy the Sun Tong-Hui, but the team has the rain God, don’t see such a spectacle, but that’s OK, happy on the road, the scenery is important, the mood is more important.

Front left side of the River in Guangxi, Yunnan is on the right side, at the foot of Guizhou, a river separated from the mountain provinces.

Is said to have, sunny Shi, to highest at, saw surge constantly of cloud vault, a high of mountain into has cloud in the island, sky previously is fish-belly grey, gradually Pan red; diffuse of clouds put Valley fill, head zhiqian also clear visible of river, and mountain, and small town and sparkling of lights are hidden if missing, Castle Peak Verde gradually to hidden cloud in, sank into clouds deep; Dang Sun by orange red into silver, sky of vast on and clouds of vast received in with, soon, cloud gradually declined, From mountains to a mountainside step by step showed the presence of peaks and ridges, mountains, clouds such as yarn, winding hillside, presenting a wonderful light ink landscape painting.

Flowers, gods alone, this did was hug her rhythm, you have carved up the limbs, I supposed, and hug!!

Say a river to raise the second party is known for, even the deepest mountains, under the overlook, can still feel the rich fields on both sides of the river.

No thighs, and as long as the thigh, “thighs ‘ gun red network.

Inspired by a United States movie, give you three seconds a … … Two … … Three … … You finished, IQ seriously fail!

The feeling of sanctuary wood, has there?

Cloud Lake dam, built a hydroelectric power station.

Art on the edge of the reservoir clean and soft sister, has there? Has there?

Chela also in Guizhou, foot went to Yunnan cuisine, seconds seconds across two provinces, river fish, Miao Bacon, stinky tofu.

Lubuge scenic area is located in xingyi city, 79 km west of Yunnan-Guizhou-based Ministry, a small three gorges said, scenic attractions, said Lu Pi, view cloud mountain is more like a good place, you can also watch the Yun Hushan, natural landscapes such as the first tower of the world.

The lubuge hydropower “little Three Gorges” scenic spot is because the formation of lubuge dam backwater, a total length of 20 km. There are male lion Xia, Ling Xia, double elephant Canyon Gorge drops. Gap has “beautiful dress”, “monkey fishing months,” “Dragon hanging bamboo shoots”, “double elephant drinking water” and “perpetual Ganoderma lucidum” and “Eagle wings”, “Huang GE Gu Rong”, “Dragon waterfall” natural landscape, dizzying, linger on.

Smoke within the Gorge the river peaks, steep climb. Coastal forest cover, forest quiet and serene, Debuts birdsong, mountain scenery and incomparable. On the peaks and ridges between river, charming stone Karst landform bud peak, peak forest and peak-landforms, like nature sculptures of Wonderland.

Art clean.

I was forced, and just because I say this ass bag does not look good, but this ass bag really really really look good?

My friend did, Jiangsu and Shanghai mail, Oh, you know!

It also … … So … … So … … S begin with y end, you know!

Tip: lubuge area over more than 70 kilometers away from xingyi, no buses, only chartered, road a little cheating, but nice scenery.

Xing Yi Liu, more than five o’clock in the afternoon came to Manor, attractions in business hours, under the communication fails, simple shopping found worth around, all the partners decide tomorrow morning in the small, remaining time, foodie, you know!

For a foodie who set strict demands on themselves, large five-star hotels can not go on, but rooted in street tunnels are not to be missed. Xingyi snack Street, walk!

Barbecue is busy trying, boss, give me a few grilled chicken wings.

Guizhou local bake pan, guys tried, but, but, why I was busy, and you are mobile, shocking, very shocking.

Uncle not to be angry, and women respect you a Cup, feelings of deep bored well, is not it, you drink sprite, uncle drinking beer, trying to fool me, not dry not dry!!

Color, flavor and shape, said not to say enough to remind you of your appetite, Pro-?

How I feel not enough Ah, boss, give me a bowl of sausage in Mong Kok, to put a bit more pepper, not hot not money Oh!

Back on the big five-star hotel, it is hard to imagine, although xingyi is located in the southwest corner, but the five-star hotel has a lot of home, it can be seen that Golden State property of the rich and affluent.

Game time at midnight, God, can you draw an exciting game?



Good food day beauty beauty beauty good mood start! Come on, new day!

Liu’s Manor is the largest in China covers an area of “Tun Bao” landowners, warlords complex, made up of size 13 Western courtyard, early years of the Republic in the politics of the mighty warlord and Governor of Guizhou Liu Xianshi and guerrilla commander, Yunnan, Guizhou and supervising the former residence of Liu Xianqian.

Liu’s Manor, beauty guide takes us on a tour to explain the rich story of Liu’s family, mighty.

Liu’s manor was built in the Qing dynasty Jiaqing, salty, in the same period to take shape. With the growing success of Liu’s family, the building has been expanded. During the Republic of China, and opened, making it the largest private estates in the province.

The Manor wall clip Lane, building very Chi-Ho, storied pavilions, richly ornamented. Part is in the Manor Hall, a living room, a reception room, accounting room, workers homes, rental homes, Granary, the secret vault, water Dungeon and Temple, a chimera, Palace, gardens, orchards and other parts.

Why did Liu’s family, who made a quick, look at these opium tool, you know!

As an important task during the Kuomintang, he yingqin, the Liu family’s son-in-law.

The Manor wall clip Lane, building very Chi-Ho, storied pavilions, richly ornamented, so Liu’s family at the time was how eminent.

Wow … … … … This is the horse God? God, do you want to fire-bombing-day rhythm?

Liu’s Manor of existing loyalty Temple, Hua Ting, den, Liu Xianqian bedroom, Jia Miao, Xiao Chang dam, part of the city wall, cupolas and a French architectural building.

Tip: Liu’s Manor-free tickets, tours for more than an hour, guided tours, 60.

That year, Liu’s Manor with us clean!

Ancient Manor theater, has now been converted into restaurants, very elegant.

Beauty Guide: Warrior V5, as your loyal fan, you look so handsome does your mother know?

Warrior V5: should not know it, or I turn the audience?

In October 1989 for the development of the local tourism industry built on Liu’s estate “ethnic customs in Guizhou Museum”, is now the only ethnic minority Customs Museum.

Majestic manor, main building unchanged so far.

Beautiful Hmong wedding dress.

Ancient dowry Miao girls clothes all by hand-woven completed purchase is not a problem, and not only that, but also helped groom prepare costumes.

The nation is the world’s, designs, even at the international level also has a strong sense of design, no sense obsolete.

Xingyi can not miss the snack, lamb meal, also added a lamb, delicious to popcorn Oh!!

Goose meat powder

Strange fragrance Garden located in xingyi city, 5 km to the South, peaks to the North, in alcohol distillery factory in Guizhou province. Due to the plant develop Western and Chinese type liquor odours in Guizhou alcohol, hence the name Xiang qi yuan.

This Park is famous for its beautiful environment national, won the national title of AA level of eco-industrial park, Guizhou province is exclusive through “national industry tourism demonstration spot” industrial tourism destinations.

Strange fragrance broad miles inside the Park, drive, walking distance. View plant and enjoy the ecology can be described as a scene.

Sister, be careful, don’t fall, Oh, uncle fell taking 110 of the Oh!

Xiang Qi mountains within the Park, the landscape is quiet, fresh air, feels new and comfortable, relax and return to nature.

Park planting grapes, peach, Plum, pear, persimmon, chestnut, Orange, Solanum xanthocarpum and eucommia ulmoides, pine trees, Blud trees, Begonias, cherry blossoms all over the mountain, invaluable, especially comfort in thousands of acres of vineyard are spectacular.

This is Avalokitesvara or thousand feet centipede? The solution!

Tip: strange fragrance Park is near the city, but there was no public transport, taxis in the city 5, out of the city negotiable.

Guizhou wine alcohol.

Malinghe Valley is a profile cutting deep crack in the mountain water, and Pu fei Liu, Gu Neiqun Chuk Hang upside down, connected to the cave, dotted with ancient and famous trees on both sides, in different poses.

This look will make you think of that “wind roar, horse, maling River roaring, maling River roaring……”

Two walls of the Canyon gave birth to Grand, spectacular, patchwork calcified rocks constitute a unique rock waterfall.

The Yunnan-Guizhou plateau is the most widespread karst area in the world, Wumeng Shan in maling River Gorge is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau uplift and the Guangxi hills, Triassic carbonate lava rocks are widely distributed, fracturation fold complex embodies multiple levels and types of karst landscape, and things on both sides of the huangguoshu waterfall and Yunnan lunan show grace, form cover of Chinese Karst scenery.

Deep canyon, Cliff Cliff climbing, twists and enchanting tours along the road, such as in a picture, step by a King, King, and reluctant to leave. “Cloud stones more bizarre, and wonderful paintings.

It turns out that God also has a second time.

Fly away luding bridge two bright wood? Has there?

Canyon on both sides under the many tributaries cutting speed lagging behind the mainstream, forming hundreds of hundreds of meters high waterfall into the ravine. Average width and depth of the Canyon between 200-400 meters, and at one point is only 50 meters, the maximum depth of 500 meters, is so narrow and so deep, it is rare.

As “thousand Springs Valley Stream upstream erosion”, spawned a variety of wonders of the Canyon, visitors alike.

Continue to bite of delicious, TI Hua chili pot.

Someone objected to my point of houttuynia cordata? the??

Dry pot yellow croaker

See also God loves, dry pot bullfrogs.

After dinner drove wanfeng Lake Kuala Lumpur hotels, suddenly has a local bright, always five star back home will sleep well, Puffy, swollen do?

God, truth or dare lose the bottom line tonight Oh, you give us a good and simple man, right?



Natural sleep wake up bright is good, worry about more important away from work, standing on a hotel balcony overlooking wanfeng Lake, I wanted to have a House, facing the sea, with spring blossoms.

Hi, beautiful women, my cell phone’s out of batteries, and can use a phone do?

Hell stay, wonderful view, I was thinking about life.

Wanfeng Lake is a national key hydropower projects–Hot Springs High Dam power station built the artificial lake formed after impoundment, vastness, Lake stream. Thousands of peaks within the Lake constitutes a thousand island or peninsula, the landscape is very charming.

Wanfeng Lake formation time is short, but it is listed among the country’s five largest freshwater lakes. Surrounded by wanfeng Zhou wanfeng Lake Lake, so named, coastal national cottage, unique houses, attractive style, and that ethnic minority girls apparel, headwear and sultry love songs, all with great style.

Wanfeng Lake Beauty heaven, beautiful fish fertilizer, anglers gathering, known as the “wild paradise for anglers”, but don’t have the time, or you can enjoy the pleasure of wild fish.

Monastery from the xingyi wanfeng Forest City 15 kilometers, is located in the southeast of the city, one with the peak forest scenic spot, is title with NI Dang forest, is a typical karst landscape. Hole 126 meters wide, 82 meters high, wonder mix, perfect shape, called the hole in the essence.

Monastery was built in the Ming dynasty Jiajing, plastic Buddha, bodhisattvas like Maitreya, Goddess, reservoir, built the main hall, Maitreya Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, Dizang Hall, dining hall, parlour, monks Tin Temple more than 10 people. Caves can accommodate more than people, Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces was the main place for Buddhist activities, is a well-known natural cave temple Ashram.

Castle scenery around the monastery, thickets of shrubs, and stone tall jiufeng surrounded by stacked barrier of base rock, vines, curled up, tangled branches hanging leaves, shade trees, Qu-Ying Yu, ancient folk customs, meet guest, is characteristic of the monastery.

Wan Fenglin is important part of State-level scenic malinghe Valley, formed by the xingyi city, Southeast into thousands of peaks, mighty and magnificent, mountain-intensive exotic, perfect shape as a whole, by many experts and visitors as a spectacle, one of China’s five most beautiful peak forests.

Near says the magic of gossip, peak Forest Hills in the distance, people lean to one original field scene. Sunny concept of peak is said to be, “Chaoyang full Sunrise Valley”, see fog mountain, is “clouds come out or can be seen”, but constant, is the mountain ring of water held in the farm.

Came a group of villagers from working in the field.

That year, with us at Wan Fenglin pretending to clean!

Continue to bite of delicious, Miao Bacon, cured pork.

The teats are Karst peak forest gem, is a force of nature. Buyi people here have put it as “mother earth” and the “source of life” to worship. According to geographer research, unique in China, other countries without similar finds, called “the world wonders”.

Inspired by the “12 girls band”, the international star bright wood?

Since 2007, local support can be called “the world is a must” teats and Fort bamboo forest landscape, into the mother culture, bouyei culture, Buddhism and modern fashion elements, well-built teats of new scenic spots. The whole scenery showing teats, Shilin, original cloth according to the cultural district, State-level intangible cultural heritage area, Zhen Guan Temple, the Hall of monuments, salt water recreation center, lakeside Beach, camping the street sleepers, top ten highlights, people close to nature and the joy of flying, perfect place for leisure. Unfortunately, time is limited, and only visited the teats, left next time unfortunately.

Two towering stone mountain in the distance as women plump breasts, so lifelike that women face, man looked at heart, local bouyei ethnic group called “Everest” by the world as the “best in the peak” teats.

Wait, I miss a bit messy.

“Horizontal when viewed side-peaks, near level”. Is said to have from San cha he Southeast surface of views peak Pavilion see, double nipple Dim shy, and plump coordination, and robust charming, and form realistic, resembles young girls adolescent straight of double milk; sometimes air drift with gorgeous of clouds or light several flower clouds, will will put double nipple foil have especially enchanting; as met mist Misty of weather, double nipple looming Yu thin of veil among, rendering out charming ecstasy of half nude State.

Sancha Lake is an artificial lake, less than 3 km from the teats, because history has a head cat River, zhahe, namohe three rivers at this Confluence named. Lake Shore here twists and turns, bend in the River, large wooded, tourists everywhere will appreciate the “Lake is a picture, painting was a Lake,” the mood.

Living in San cha he totem worship of buyi people for male genitalia.

Sancha Lake is the Maple Kingdom, here on the island, lake shores, river bend on sloping land, even in the deep water near the Lake, grow big and small, high and low Maple. Into late autumn, Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant appears as bright red, gold and purple colors, reflected in the Lake, even the Lake becomes colorful.

Sancha river surrounded by mountains on three sides, East of rural scenery, standing in a Lake Island, backed by double stone island. Scenic spots have more than more than 20 households in bouyei people during the festive season, leaves of mountain song, sound, monthly piano San cha he adds a lot to the quiet atmosphere.


1, from xingyi to Zhenfeng, from six in the morning until three or four o’clock in the afternoon the bus go to, around 50 Yuan, 3 hours by car.

2, from the bus station in Zhenfeng County in Guiyang, at seven o’clock in the morning until one or two o ‘ clock in the afternoon, CMB buses have fares about 90 Yuan, 4 hours away. After the Zhenfeng County, go to the “town” of CMB, the fare is 4. After arriving in town, also chartered buses or walk two kilometers, and more people are available for tours of Zhenfeng County in the past, the price is not too expensive.

Art clean, has there, has there?

Nakong buyi village in Zhenfeng County, 18 kilometers north, and sancha Lake adjacent to the town, 1.5 km from the wonders of the world–the teats 3.5 km away from the “off” Highway 7 km. All buyi village residents.

As the spring breeze of reform and central concern, today’s nano-porous cloth according to the ancient village has been transformed, into a rich Socialist new countryside.

Nakong buyi village quaint folk customs, lived in housing has a unique style, courtyard, housing structures are wood frame wearing the bucket, roof brick and wood walls, xieshan roofs, covered small gray tiles, concrete fire wall, supported by the gatehouse, Gable room, showered, yards and so on. Both sides of the main house, with unique style, high gable roofs, known as the “fire wall”, a step-shaped wall, each angle upward tilt, people refer to this style as “three water”.

Cloth dragon dance is nanometre holes according to the ancient village entertainment, one of the main items, is the well-preserved bouyei culture. Every feast or guests into the village, and ultimately, dragon dance to entertain.

Nakong bouyei people have a rich ethnic customs and abide by the old national habits. Wedding both marry but while lovers are monogamous, are following the “marriage, engagements, please g, marriage” programs, who has eloped or private married, being discriminated against, often looked down upon.

Nakong folk Exhibition Centre, it is hard to imagine the ancient village will have such a central building.

Ancient village came across a group of children playing.

Now the ancient village tourism, many families took to farm, even if it also has a lot of visitors over the weekend said the Gourment taste buyi.

Bouyei women in preparation for the wooden bucket of steamed rice.

Steamed meat

Farmhouse fried pork

Farm pork

Steam-cured pig meat, and dried.

Seen such a tofu eating, according to the characteristic of the farm!

Farmers say not say very, very original?

Spicy fried okra

Pork liver pork intestines

Farmhouse chicken soup

Fried corn

Bouyei of glutinous rice farmers, bite of China had recommended, delicious, you know!

Is this an hour ago, and farmer’s homemade rice wine Oh!

Said after the one hour, 7 persons, 12 dishes, were swept away, said the Alliance had entered the village, to report eight-way to go!

Anlong Taian, Zhenfeng, rooms at the hotel in the evening, listening to God unheard pleasures while traveling.



Hear little puzzled 6:30 went in fear of the teats, but we have natural sleep awake rhythm, a perfect rhythm of breakfast.

Dyke is located in the northeast of Anlong County, Guizhou province, one of the top ten scenic spots, was founded in the 33 year of Kangxi (1694), built by General Lin initiative, named Zhao di, constructed with stone, over more than 300 meters long, high and 4 meters wide.

An long old town built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle, quiet plain grey WASHE architectural style, antique stone alleys; tomb of the Ming, 18, Feng Tongzhi years Huis uprising leader Zhang Linxiang, MA he figure he zangmu, southern Ming emperor Yongli Imperial Palace, Ming Yu Xiao Chang, tried during the Qing dynasty, Wu Miaoshi pillbox, heritage, try xingyi House many couplets.

Qing dynasty Governor of huguang, military Minister Zhang spent his boyhood, Guizhou province, is the only complete set of feudal imperial examination sites.

Lotus at quyuan, like a rainbow from the spreading on the Tian BA, lapping at the South end. Dykes on either side of the weeping willow, lily pond more than 53,000 square meters, bridged by 300 meters, Guan Ting and Zhu Lou Gallery of several buildings, as a whole. Beautiful, elegant, is not only an ideal tourist attraction, and the value of research in the late Ming and early Qing dynasty history.

Summer rain he

Like Pearls Pattering, Guan Ying-language flower slide at the end of … …

Xingyi geyser area when you start construction in 2002, then with a handful of turbidity does not change with the rotation of the Earth and water of the springs is named. Here a beautiful ecological environment, unique geology and geomorphology, and harmony between man and nature, is listen to the sound of nature, moved all creatures of God gardens, through scientific planning and recovery houses look as original as people cluster style depending on the person, scenic rural tourism, holiday and leisure resort.

Geyser for its special geological structure, which named after the water rose and fell. A monk superior to this, a sense of nature’s wonderful annual event “extremes meet” the truth, knowing that here will be honored. So he said to the village and old: “this spring Chi, l drink, noble”. Do not know selfishness is what is the walled old reasons, is passed down by the rising tide when drinking but will ye XING Tsai Hsing, prosperity, family harmony.

Geyser surrounded by ancient trees, many are thousands of years old or more.

Very simple deep in the mountains.

Xingyi geysers, you can also enter Po Kong Village, a few bowls of “wine” (according to the homemade rice wine), taste of tea, eat “nine-cylinder Bowl.” Bouyei people here are very hospitable, in food is quite pleasing.

Continue to bite of delicious, Southwestern Guizhou specialty snacks, wrappings, Yang, the driver that it was bad, I’m so worried sang.

Guizhou is a collection of museums and science education Museum, is the study of Triassic marine reptiles is one of the bases in our country.

Now collected specimens identified by experts are divided into 7 categories, including Guizhou Dragon fossils in 240 million years ago, the sea Lily fossils dating back more than 400 million years ago.

“Dragon Triassic”, economic development zone, said Guizhou dingxiao Guizhou Museum attractions. More than 50 years ago, a career pursuit of the crazy guy from “South of the clouds” reputation came to Guizhou, Yunnan, when he passed top efficiency, careful of his from a farmer’s House and the stone wall was found on the foot snake-shaped fossils, he later collected a number of specimens brought to Beijing. According to some experts, it belongs to the extinct vertebrate paleontology, geologic time scale as the Triassic, about 240 million years ago. Discovered the secret guy is the national geological Museum geological worker Hu Chengzhi. The Dragon was not called “Guizhou dragons”, was later to commemorate Mr Hu Chengzhi this unexpected finding, and named the “Guizhou dragons”.

A Butterfly flew over the bougainvillea branches.

Storm Bay relocation of the Ho clan, in order to avoid bingxian to NI Dang temporary shelter, after Ho Ying-chin, expanded after the separation of the two elder brothers He Yinglu, and named Peter parks, local call this building the Peter storm Bay Park.

Has hosted famous Western Songshan battle of the war of the Kuomintang generals He Shaozhou was born here.

Ho Ying-chin of Guizhou in modern Chinese history and national military, politically influential historical figures, a former Kuomintang military and political Minister and ally China Theater Army Commander in Chief, President of the national administration and so on, and, on September 9, 1945, on behalf of the Chinese theater to accept Japan surrender of imperialism, reached the pinnacle of their life experiences.

Xingyi city way, distance NI Dang forest, infinite beauty, mysterious dream.

NI Dang stone forest, “Golden State 18 scene” one of the xingyi city is located in the South, 20 kilometers long, is located in the wide wanfeng Lake peak is a bonsai in the forest.

Sink holes

Hmong’s entered the three-course wine, said Miao people receiving guests the highest etiquette of hospitality, is said to be not drunk not to walk in the door.

Nothing says girl, wine, dry!!!

Beautiful Miao folk customs.

Hmong’s rice soup

Hmong’s rules, lips does not stick to the bowl edge can mean once touched explained in one gulp.

Night comes, this wine is dripping, song and dance are soundly.

Wonderful performances of the Miao nationality.

The elder brother … … A-Mei … …

The girls of Miao costumes wear!

Rock City, don’t get se, seven beautiful female companions … …

Miao lusheng dance


This Hi makes rhythm, 56 ethnic groups: 56 flowers, love China, love China, love China Huahua!!



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