Baidu L3 Division will be set up speed up unmanned commercial New think tank

Lei feng’s Web on August 30, according to people familiar with the matter said, held soon 201,600 World Conference, Baidu announced the establishment of L3 Division.

It is understood that the Division may engage in manned and unmanned intelligence between driving a car research and development, may be the subject of SAE (United States society of automotive engineers) defines Level 3 automatic driving, driving by the unmanned systems operations, according to the request, human drivers providing appropriate responses.

In the just-completed 2016 international connectivity and intelligence traffic Expo, Baidu strategy General Manager of wisdom and Yuan XING also said that Baidu currently aims to United States standards of the third level (Level 3) autopilot and hope in 3-5 production.

Gu Weihao will serve as General Manager of the Department, he is Google map business unit Vice President, connectivity business unit General Manager and General Manager of the intelligent car. This was confirmed by the Assembly’s official website describes: KENZO iPad Mini Cases

Baidu L3 Division will be set up, speed up unmanned commercial? | New think tank driving

201,600 website Gu Weihao L3 is the title of the World Assembly Division General Manager

Baidu no driving project Yu 2013 started, by Baidu Institute led development, its technology core is “Baidu car brain”, including high precision map, and positioning, and perception, and intelligent decision and control four module; 2014 established car networking career Department, launched has CarLife, and MyCar, and CoDriver bus networking products; December 2015, Baidu no driving car landing test, zhihou soon, in Wuzhen Internet Assembly Shang, Baidu automatically driving career Department declared established This March, Baidu launched the “wise car strategies”, will cooperate with Chang to develop intelligent car … …

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The layout of this series shows that Baidu on the drone’s determination. Set up L3 Division at this time, transitional layouts, accelerating its driverless car commercial has a very high probability. In addition, the previously reported net of Lei Feng on Baidu “wise car strategies” have similar intentions. Kenzo iPad Mini

There are no more definite information, following concern from Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention) 2 days later to 201,600 World Congress report.

This new intelligence driving articles, welcome new intellectual drive. Micro letter added “a new intellectual drive”, can subscribe to the public.


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