Do you believe milk can produce

Do you believe, milk can produce!

When Chinese people when drinking sanlu, foreigners have begun to play this milk.


From Russia Ekaterina Semenova beauty designer ideas,

Sister in the Netherlands during the study came up with an interesting idea ā€“

Milk is cheaper now,

Instead of taking them down into the sewers, and look of the milk can also be used to dry it!

And this girl is from milk to “do” ceramics.

Of course, the more accurate statement, is to milk for ceramic glazes.


It is said that the girl started experimenting with remaining milk in the neighborhood, iPad mini Hello Kitty case

And did not know the neighbors last name Wang,

But that time no less to their sister next door knocking

Eventually, in Russia with the help of veteran artists,

They succeeded in finding, milk makes clay more waterproof and durable,

Moreover, the immersion in different dairy products of Adobe, Hello Kitty iPad mini cases

Fired surface will form different patterns,

Then, through the use of different types and the butterfat content of milk,

Girls can make different colors of the finished product, very nice!

iPad mini Hello Kitty case




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