HGTS Western Digital door 10TB the mechanical hard drive capacity and a mechanical hard drive giant Seagate has finally launched its 10TB enterprise-class hard drives.

Specifications fury, Seagate's seven-disc released nitrogen 10TB

This raging hard disk attached to the Enterprise 3.5 Capacity series, remains the standard for 3.5-inch desktop appearance and maintain a standard of 7200RPM, but stuffing the next 7 discs and 14 heads, up to 1.4TB single-disc capacity than ordinary hard drive 40%. The main cloud-oriented data center, Huawei, Alibaba has already adopted the deployment.

This is the first Seagate nitrogen packaging technologies, by replacement of air inside the hard disk into the nitrogen, allowing discs to stick closer to, more discs to fit in. Because the lower density of nitrogen and chemically more stable, can be effective in reducing head resistance to reduced hard drive power consumption and cost. HGST nitrogen-filling technique is already used previously said, this technology can make their product than the average power consumption is low 23%.

The hard drive can be selected both SATA and SAS interfaces, transmission speed of 6Gbps, 12Gbps respectively, supports advanced caching algorithms, PowerChoice standby cooling technology, 24×7 does not run continuously, mean time between failures for 2.5 million hours, known as the lightest weight, lowest power consumption of similar products in the industry.

PS:HGTS has released two new UltraStar 10TB hard drive Ha10 and Ultrastar He10 shipments have more than $ 4 million. Moschino iPhone 5

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