Tuman box upper part with a lot of black and the bottom half Orange design, compared to the all black boxes look a little vitality, not so dull feeling.

T-FIRE Metal out of the box when in standby mode, shows T-FIRE Metal LOGO on the dial and a power button icons to remind the user to boot, appears to put a sticker, but it’s not, it’s just T-FIRE Metal E-ink screen display itself, power outages may have been displayed on the screen, but also does not consume electricity. Features of the e-ink screen is shows something not only uses power only when page refreshes, and so this is a tool of power.

Watch to the right of the power button

Left is the MicroUSB interface with dust plug

In boot …

Globally refreshing moments

Press the power button to start the machine on the right will refresh in full screen, Flash full screen black display “started”, due to the restrictions of the e-ink screen, each global refresh is to refresh displays content from full screen goes black, makes glasses look a little sick. Daily turning of the global black screen are not refreshed.

Display with information networking

Boot the default display as follows, displays comprehensive information, including time, date, PM2.5, weather conditions, number of steps, calories, and geographic location. Information such as location, weather and Bluetooth mobile connection is required to win.

The contact interface, half-press the power button to turn on backlight, backlight significantly uneven distribution, but Kindle Paperwhite generation also have this problem.

Boot unlock the future interface is TU man leading contacts interface, you can use contact T-FIRE Metal users talk to each other, for nothing Smart Watches using the viscosity of added social networking features.

Function interfaces

Set the interface is very simple

Pairing need to choose their phone system

Slide the second screen is the function of T-FIRE Metal interface, needs and pairing before using hand first, press the “set” button to select the “Bluetooth”-then select your phone system and your mobile phone pairing, I remember before the pair want to download “express” APP.

SMS receive push notifications Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7 covers

List of messages

After binding via Bluetooth Watch, mobile phone text messages or APP push notifications will be notified by vibrations and on the watch display. I was like, because many of the messy notice is not on each to look at when phone is displayed, move the wrist will be able to see what is this notice, if it is important information such as letters, text messages, you can take out your cell phone to see if spam can he.

Software features:

Community Chat plates

“Express” APP has a function similar to the community, a bit like the circle of friends, you can see the stranger’s statements, many of which are T-Fire questions, for example, I ran into a problem and see a friend can help to meet small partners a product quality issue.

Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7 covers

Select the dial setting interface

Inside the APP you can also adjust the watch display, anti-color can change into a black and white, with black as the background to display. Standby clock in black and white with different color effects are as follows. T-FIRE Metal the default standby screen is displayed a variety of weather conditions, if you do not like it or you can dial option in the face of the your choice as a standby interface, is more like watch dials.

Invert the colors of dial

Display dial

RC photos

There is an interesting feature, that is, remote control picture, you can use the T-FIRE control on the Metal Watch mobile phone, you can imagine yourself as candid as the Conan-launched anaesthetic, this feature we all think about what good ~ but not under direct control of the mobile phone camera interface, you need to open “express” APP to watch control photo.

Looking for a watch

Looking for mobile phones

T-FIRE Metal between the mobile phone and can find each other, you can watch end looking for the phone, you can also find watches in the mobile phone. Looking for T-FIRE Metal would shake and ring image to display on the screen, press the “find” button, you can stop shaking, looking for cell phones is the same in T-FIRE Metal hand opportunities to play preset songs plus a prompt box.

Voice set destination

On the phone to see the navigation

Quick navigation through the T-FIRE on the Metal shortcut navigation directly voice out where you want to go, after the planned route directly on the mobile phone’s “express” APP you call navigation interface to display Google map and directions lead users.

Strap detail:

Strap rod

Easily remove the strap

Buttons are working very carefully, and TU man LOGO printed on, Tuman also their products very carefully.

T-FIRE Metal strap design is human nature, the back strap and connecting shaft of the fuselage there is a lever at, if you need to change the strap just pulled the lever can easily remove the strap. If you want to change strap colors or strap is broken as long as anyone can own replaceable strap replace strap without tools at home, no longer need to go to the outside master clocks that use a special tool to replace save trouble and extra expenses; have to say this is where Tuman attentively detail. Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7


If there is concern Tuman know Tuman was known as King of bounce, in capacity, there are some problems and some areas in need of improvement and product quality. Tuman was can be seen in the second generation has the intention to improve the product, but it still needs to be improved in some details, product is not fine enough, and “express” APP is too messy don’t feel good to learn how to use it. Bold E-ink screen display interface is appreciated as a wearable device, saving electricity and not reflecting in the Sun cause unclear situations.


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