Scratch resistant wear Kevlar iPhone 6 mobile phone shell on the big test

Now a lot of people like to fit a protective shell to protect the mobile phone cell phone, mobile shell material of the “skin” is our first contact and frequently come into contact with something, so it can’t be ignored. Now on the market is the most common casing material is plastic, but now there are some manufacturers to introduce new manufacturing phone shell using special materials. United States Evutec the introduction of Kevlar fiber phone case for iPhone 6, iPhbone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 is the only company on the market to the Kevlar fibers into mobile shell manufacturers, this phone is light weight, good heat dissipation, it absolutely forced to use full.

Low price but also easily broken plastic

Plastic phone case

Plastic phone case

Plastic is the most common mobile phone shell material, or, more precisely, general engineering plastics. Engineering plastics include silicone, polyurethane (TPU), polycarbonate (PC), a plastic low prices, flexible, easy to stain, so by the mobile phone shell manufacturers favor. But this phone use over time, are easy to break and discoloration. Cath Kidston Note 3 Case

High hardness but easy to paint aluminum alloy material

Made of aluminum, magnesium, titanium metal frame. Compared to plastic, magnesium alloy hardness to good times, many heat dissipation. Magnesium-alloy are also easily colored, silver-magnesium alloy shell can make the product more luxurious, beautiful, by surface treatment powder blue and pink. With its excellence in the aviation field, which enhance the grade of magnesium alloy.

Metal frame

Of course, the aluminum alloy also has disadvantages. One is the high cost, process more complex than plastic. In addition, magnesium alloys do not wear-resistant, easy to paint. If you don’t take care of during use, the fuselage will leave ugly marks. In addition, may affect the cell phone metal mobile phone signals.

The most rugged and most light materials-Kevlar

The Kevlar material

Cath Kidston galaxy note 3

Kevlar body armor

Kevlar (Kevlar) fiber is an organic fiber DuPont chemical production was originally named “Poly-n-methyl-p-Phenylenediamine”, the following glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron the fourth kind of reinforcing fibers, organic fiber tensile strength is four times times the modulus polyester 9 times. In addition by Yu Kaifu fiber proportion of small, very lightweight. Because of its special nature, so it plays a huge role in the military, and ABM coatings generally used armoured vehicles, tanks. At present, with the development of science and technology, the Kevlar fibers also start in the context of civilian use.

United States Evutec Kevlar material casing

Common keys, coins and other scrapes simply couldn’t stay away any trace

Unless using sharp knives scratching hard enough, it will leave a mark

Top three properties of Kevlar fiber is light, thin, firm, common keys, coins and other scrapes simply couldn’t stay away any traces, on the water, is also very good. But as a fiber product, in terms of fire prevention is not enough, of course, no one will be bored to burning your own phone, is still easily with scissors cut Kevlar fibers. Overall toughness of Kevlar fiber really amazing, and it is no wonder that people will use it as the hardest material.

United States Evutec Kaifu handle case Cath Kidston galaxy note 3

United States Evutec Kaifu handle shell injection in the mobile shell made of two layers of DuPont Kevlar fiber, makes it the current market’s strongest and most lightweight protective shell, one of the United States military test standard MIL-STD-801G 26 fall report of the test results, all through, full and effective protection of mobile phones. Protective case with a high-tech scratch-resistant coating, close fitting equipment, strong and durable.


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