Scratch resistant wear Kevlar iPhone 6 mobile phone shell on the big test

Now a lot of people like to fit a protective shell to protect the mobile phone cell phone, mobile shell material of the “skin” is our first contact and frequently come into contact with something, so it can’t be ignored. Now on the market is the most common casing material is plastic, but now there are some manufacturers to introduce new manufacturing phone shell using special materials. United States Evutec the introduction of Kevlar fiber phone case for iPhone 6, iPhbone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 is the only company on the market to the Kevlar fibers into mobile shell manufacturers, this phone is light weight, good heat dissipation, it absolutely forced to use full.

Low price but also easily broken plastic

Plastic phone case

Plastic phone case

Plastic is the most common mobile phone shell material, or, more precisely, general engineering plastics. Engineering plastics include silicone, polyurethane (TPU), polycarbonate (PC), a plastic low prices, flexible, easy to stain, so by the mobile phone shell manufacturers favor. But this phone use over time, are easy to break and discoloration. Cath Kidston Note 3 Case

High hardness but easy to paint aluminum alloy material

Made of aluminum, magnesium, titanium metal frame. Compared to plastic, magnesium alloy hardness to good times, many heat dissipation. Magnesium-alloy are also easily colored, silver-magnesium alloy shell can make the product more luxurious, beautiful, by surface treatment powder blue and pink. With its excellence in the aviation field, which enhance the grade of magnesium alloy.

Metal frame

Of course, the aluminum alloy also has disadvantages. One is the high cost, process more complex than plastic. In addition, magnesium alloys do not wear-resistant, easy to paint. If you don’t take care of during use, the fuselage will leave ugly marks. In addition, may affect the cell phone metal mobile phone signals.

The most rugged and most light materials-Kevlar

The Kevlar material

Cath Kidston galaxy note 3

Kevlar body armor

Kevlar (Kevlar) fiber is an organic fiber DuPont chemical production was originally named “Poly-n-methyl-p-Phenylenediamine”, the following glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron the fourth kind of reinforcing fibers, organic fiber tensile strength is four times times the modulus polyester 9 times. In addition by Yu Kaifu fiber proportion of small, very lightweight. Because of its special nature, so it plays a huge role in the military, and ABM coatings generally used armoured vehicles, tanks. At present, with the development of science and technology, the Kevlar fibers also start in the context of civilian use.

United States Evutec Kevlar material casing

Common keys, coins and other scrapes simply couldn’t stay away any trace

Unless using sharp knives scratching hard enough, it will leave a mark

Top three properties of Kevlar fiber is light, thin, firm, common keys, coins and other scrapes simply couldn’t stay away any traces, on the water, is also very good. But as a fiber product, in terms of fire prevention is not enough, of course, no one will be bored to burning your own phone, is still easily with scissors cut Kevlar fibers. Overall toughness of Kevlar fiber really amazing, and it is no wonder that people will use it as the hardest material.

United States Evutec Kaifu handle case Cath Kidston galaxy note 3

United States Evutec Kaifu handle shell injection in the mobile shell made of two layers of DuPont Kevlar fiber, makes it the current market’s strongest and most lightweight protective shell, one of the United States military test standard MIL-STD-801G 26 fall report of the test results, all through, full and effective protection of mobile phones. Protective case with a high-tech scratch-resistant coating, close fitting equipment, strong and durable.



With a color GamePanel LCD display keyboard is there, download the plugin can display the hard disk temperature, CPU, memory usage is not a sense of science and technology. Upgraded version of the Logitech G19s G19, using more advanced material, water resistance, aging resistance, reduce fingerprint contamination is increased. 12 programmable g-keys, powerful. Custom backlight, out cool show. Comes with two USB2.0 interface, you an interface to give you two. Dolce Gabbana iPhone plus Case

Dolce Gabbana iPhone plus Case

AIU offers $99.99 for historic low prices, equivalent to about 615 Yuan. Prices at around 820, G19 and 1300+, Hai Tao price advantage. Like students, consider starting with.

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Tuman box upper part with a lot of black and the bottom half Orange design, compared to the all black boxes look a little vitality, not so dull feeling.

T-FIRE Metal out of the box when in standby mode, shows T-FIRE Metal LOGO on the dial and a power button icons to remind the user to boot, appears to put a sticker, but it’s not, it’s just T-FIRE Metal E-ink screen display itself, power outages may have been displayed on the screen, but also does not consume electricity. Features of the e-ink screen is shows something not only uses power only when page refreshes, and so this is a tool of power.

Watch to the right of the power button

Left is the MicroUSB interface with dust plug

In boot …

Globally refreshing moments

Press the power button to start the machine on the right will refresh in full screen, Flash full screen black display “started”, due to the restrictions of the e-ink screen, each global refresh is to refresh displays content from full screen goes black, makes glasses look a little sick. Daily turning of the global black screen are not refreshed.

Display with information networking

Boot the default display as follows, displays comprehensive information, including time, date, PM2.5, weather conditions, number of steps, calories, and geographic location. Information such as location, weather and Bluetooth mobile connection is required to win.

The contact interface, half-press the power button to turn on backlight, backlight significantly uneven distribution, but Kindle Paperwhite generation also have this problem.

Boot unlock the future interface is TU man leading contacts interface, you can use contact T-FIRE Metal users talk to each other, for nothing Smart Watches using the viscosity of added social networking features.

Function interfaces

Set the interface is very simple

Pairing need to choose their phone system

Slide the second screen is the function of T-FIRE Metal interface, needs and pairing before using hand first, press the “set” button to select the “Bluetooth”-then select your phone system and your mobile phone pairing, I remember before the pair want to download “express” APP.

SMS receive push notifications Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7 covers

List of messages

After binding via Bluetooth Watch, mobile phone text messages or APP push notifications will be notified by vibrations and on the watch display. I was like, because many of the messy notice is not on each to look at when phone is displayed, move the wrist will be able to see what is this notice, if it is important information such as letters, text messages, you can take out your cell phone to see if spam can he.

Software features:

Community Chat plates

“Express” APP has a function similar to the community, a bit like the circle of friends, you can see the stranger’s statements, many of which are T-Fire questions, for example, I ran into a problem and see a friend can help to meet small partners a product quality issue.

Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7 covers

Select the dial setting interface

Inside the APP you can also adjust the watch display, anti-color can change into a black and white, with black as the background to display. Standby clock in black and white with different color effects are as follows. T-FIRE Metal the default standby screen is displayed a variety of weather conditions, if you do not like it or you can dial option in the face of the your choice as a standby interface, is more like watch dials.

Invert the colors of dial

Display dial

RC photos

There is an interesting feature, that is, remote control picture, you can use the T-FIRE control on the Metal Watch mobile phone, you can imagine yourself as candid as the Conan-launched anaesthetic, this feature we all think about what good ~ but not under direct control of the mobile phone camera interface, you need to open “express” APP to watch control photo.

Looking for a watch

Looking for mobile phones

T-FIRE Metal between the mobile phone and can find each other, you can watch end looking for the phone, you can also find watches in the mobile phone. Looking for T-FIRE Metal would shake and ring image to display on the screen, press the “find” button, you can stop shaking, looking for cell phones is the same in T-FIRE Metal hand opportunities to play preset songs plus a prompt box.

Voice set destination

On the phone to see the navigation

Quick navigation through the T-FIRE on the Metal shortcut navigation directly voice out where you want to go, after the planned route directly on the mobile phone’s “express” APP you call navigation interface to display Google map and directions lead users.

Strap detail:

Strap rod

Easily remove the strap

Buttons are working very carefully, and TU man LOGO printed on, Tuman also their products very carefully.

T-FIRE Metal strap design is human nature, the back strap and connecting shaft of the fuselage there is a lever at, if you need to change the strap just pulled the lever can easily remove the strap. If you want to change strap colors or strap is broken as long as anyone can own replaceable strap replace strap without tools at home, no longer need to go to the outside master clocks that use a special tool to replace save trouble and extra expenses; have to say this is where Tuman attentively detail. Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7


If there is concern Tuman know Tuman was known as King of bounce, in capacity, there are some problems and some areas in need of improvement and product quality. Tuman was can be seen in the second generation has the intention to improve the product, but it still needs to be improved in some details, product is not fine enough, and “express” APP is too messy don’t feel good to learn how to use it. Bold E-ink screen display interface is appreciated as a wearable device, saving electricity and not reflecting in the Sun cause unclear situations.


HGTS Western Digital door 10TB the mechanical hard drive capacity and a mechanical hard drive giant Seagate has finally launched its 10TB enterprise-class hard drives.

Specifications fury, Seagate's seven-disc released nitrogen 10TB

This raging hard disk attached to the Enterprise 3.5 Capacity series, remains the standard for 3.5-inch desktop appearance and maintain a standard of 7200RPM, but stuffing the next 7 discs and 14 heads, up to 1.4TB single-disc capacity than ordinary hard drive 40%. The main cloud-oriented data center, Huawei, Alibaba has already adopted the deployment.

This is the first Seagate nitrogen packaging technologies, by replacement of air inside the hard disk into the nitrogen, allowing discs to stick closer to, more discs to fit in. Because the lower density of nitrogen and chemically more stable, can be effective in reducing head resistance to reduced hard drive power consumption and cost. HGST nitrogen-filling technique is already used previously said, this technology can make their product than the average power consumption is low 23%.

The hard drive can be selected both SATA and SAS interfaces, transmission speed of 6Gbps, 12Gbps respectively, supports advanced caching algorithms, PowerChoice standby cooling technology, 24×7 does not run continuously, mean time between failures for 2.5 million hours, known as the lightest weight, lowest power consumption of similar products in the industry.

PS:HGTS has released two new UltraStar 10TB hard drive Ha10 and Ultrastar He10 shipments have more than $ 4 million. Moschino iPhone 5

Moschino iPhone 5



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Do you believe milk can produce

Do you believe, milk can produce!

When Chinese people when drinking sanlu, foreigners have begun to play this milk.


From Russia Ekaterina Semenova beauty designer ideas,

Sister in the Netherlands during the study came up with an interesting idea –

Milk is cheaper now,

Instead of taking them down into the sewers, and look of the milk can also be used to dry it!

And this girl is from milk to “do” ceramics.

Of course, the more accurate statement, is to milk for ceramic glazes.


It is said that the girl started experimenting with remaining milk in the neighborhood, iPad mini Hello Kitty case

And did not know the neighbors last name Wang,

But that time no less to their sister next door knocking

Eventually, in Russia with the help of veteran artists,

They succeeded in finding, milk makes clay more waterproof and durable,

Moreover, the immersion in different dairy products of Adobe, Hello Kitty iPad mini cases

Fired surface will form different patterns,

Then, through the use of different types and the butterfat content of milk,

Girls can make different colors of the finished product, very nice!

iPad mini Hello Kitty case



First Pascal GPU 12 core CPU s ultimate processor NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

NVIDIA CES event, issued the world’s first car AI super computers DRIVE PX 2. But even more shocking is the parameter specifications, it has definitely worthy name of super computers, this is a running car on the server:

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

16nm FinFET-based craft, power consumption up to 250W, water-cooled heat sink design. 12 video camera input, laser, radar and Ultrasonic sensors;

CPU part: two-generation NVIDIA Tegra processor, which includes core and core 4 Denver 8 A57 (most likely is the first to make the A57 ran a small core of ARM architecture processors);

GPU part: the first NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU architecture Pascal (Pascal, claiming 10 times of the performance as the previous generation of Maxwell’s framework), single-precision computing power to 8TFlops, beyond the TITAN x, has 10 times more than double the depth of the computing power.

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

Aside A9X were blown to slag on the iPad Pro, even on desktop-level is blooming flower/Monster. Desktop-class TITAN x “only” 7TFLOPS, Intel Core I7 280GFLOPS, the property is equal to the sum of 150 MacBook Pro.

Remaining is the industry and use:

NVIDIA in the summer last year launched the first DRIVE PX, has over more than 50 automotive manufacturer-level suppliers and research institutions use it to drive development. Including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and other companies gave high evaluation to the technical developers.

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released
First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Lao Huang Daren said, in order to let the car automatically drive car needs through a variety of sensors sense the environment and generate accurate maps and precise positioning, and accurately predict in the extremely short time, also require deep learning. This is the unprecedented use of powerful processors.

YSL iPhone 5 Case

NVIDIA for self-driving cars, creating end-to-end called NVIDIA DIGITS deep learning training platform. The platform is deployed by DRIVE PX 2, give the car a better understanding of the whole world, through the network so that each car is build your own deep learning network. Level is to create “NVIDIA DRIVENET deep neural network”, through six months of training, KITTI object detection DataSet accuracy rates had reached 88%. YSL iPhone 5 Case

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

Tips YSL iPhone 5 Case

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released
First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

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When when I am with you and the goddess the watch can control time speed

When when I am with you and the goddess, the watch can control time speed

Do you remember that classic theory of relativity explained? GUCCI iPhone 6 Cases

When I am with you and Gao Yuanyuan, time is passing too fast; and by the time you’re with Luo yufeng, time passes too slowly.

JungHoon Lee, who brought the designer’s Watch, allows you to experience this time manually at any time.


Classic analog watch, but there is a small, round window can be turned.

Designers say when you make small window into a time zone, it was forced to focus time, zoom in “relativity” characteristics, particularly fast. GUCCI case for iphone

GUCCI case for iphone

Or slow.


Quite when used on some procrastinators.

Brothers, we’re running out of time, and quickly hit.

Designer: JungHoon Lee, Dongkyu DK Lee