Wang Feng Fiil Diva and 10 million songs

All lights, the long wait has finally come to an end, with the host announced “officially began the press conference”, Wang Feng appeared in the front left of the crowd. Behind him is a waste of locomotive engines far exaggerated Fiil also wears a pair of headphones. Moments of light, cheers.

Thanks to Cui Jian and Jay Chou, Han Geng, who opened the star mobile phones, headphones, pioneer, Wang Feng as a circle of one of the most business-minded artists, transboundary economic headphones seem to be fans of another case. Unexpected or suspicious is that career was in the ascendant Wang Feng actually really different from the “senior” and make a career out of Fiil? INCIPIO iPhone 6 Case

Wang Feng: Fiil Diva and 10 million songs

Beijing West

Evening, of crickets will set off around all the more quiet, as there is no platform, that several Green Park, parked train look bigger than usual. Curious, here is the Conference site-Fiil headphones new Diva-China Railway Museum, and like many other participants, “materialism” is also the first known in the West of Beijing, there is such a place.

Infield oil and guzzles, air-conditioner, the huge train shed is filled with blue, red and black colors of lights, restlessness and overcrowding. Admission encountered Fiil’s marketing Chief, Liu Jing, face to face only one sentence: “I’m sorry, didn’t sleep last night, I’m busy Meng x. ”

If there is no accident, this was the busiest Chinese Valentine’s day in her life.

In fact, Conference size is not very big. In addition to media and guests are mainly divided into two, one is a new song student Wang Feng, another is Fiil CEO Peng Jinzhou in scientific and technological circles of friends. As far as the eye can reach, can be seen sitting in the first row the Hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao, axes technologies CEO Wang Feng.

Compared to the fans, this is a difficult person to touch Hi point. Therefore, in 1.5 hours during his speech, few grandiose applause and cheers. My friends not been immune, and asked: “ZZ come yet? “I could not answer.

“The final will earn a lot of money”

To the point, Wang Feng, the first to have done in the past: “three products in the past 9 months sold over 75000. “Applause, applause does not know what is 75000 concept. Peng Jinzhou admits: “our internally set target of 100,000 units of the first generation, we are pleased that 9 months more than more than 70,000 units, a product of breakeven this year is achievable (profit). ”


Wang Feng took the subject, show the real-time business feedback:

“When I was 20 years old, has written 50 or 60 songs, to early 2000 when the spark of that album a lot of people think it’s peak, but I finished the album no one listens, to 2006, after 6 years it was felt inside that beautiful world orphans is really good. ”

He tried to use his past to prove to reporters that “made ahead of things, meaningful things will eventually make a lot of money. “But this is a value judgement, Wang Feng’s performance is more like a paranoid’s product manager. In the present, this fashionable too.

People familiar with Wang Feng told the “materialistic” outsiders often think Wang Feng is “side”, export is always “what’s your dream? “Out of thin air distances with abandon. In fact, in real life he was very idealistic, used grand narrative to guide behavior. So he and CTO Wu Ning to dig out every detail of the product, and Liu Jing to each frame of a film.

“A lot of times, he was intuitive. ”

As a subordinate, mediation is often very small. But then again, Fiil was able to set up, and Lai Wangfeng that validated the intuition.

According to the report, entrepreneur, two summers ago, investor Wu Shichun and Zhang Ye more than 10 pairs of headphones in front of Wang Feng, which sound alone to identify advantages and disadvantages of the headset. Zhang Ye, this is good product manager qualities. Obviously, when they finally saved when Fiil project, they did not want to, and can easily cope with people concert of Wang Feng, and may not be able to lead a perfect launch.

“Hardware only hardware”

Today, Wang Feng, last October that lecture to heart, GMIC meeting he said: “just because staring at PPT, once there are a few moments, I don’t know what I’m talking about, might be wrong. “After the interview, he asked reporters:” this is not the last so boring? ”

Specifically, this time not Wang Feng, a person’s speech. In order to pave the Diva’s “wireless” and “intelligence,” and his co-founder, Wu sheng dialogues and logic thinking; to paraphrase Diva designs, design Director of Design Affairs Moritz Ludwig full endorsement; as for the Diva on a “cool” every detail, together with Wang Feng Wu Ning very familiar:

28dB noise levels;

3 second voice search;

Headphones right panel cut song, tune up;

Take off-stop, wear that is delivered; INCIPIO iPhone


“The hardware is just hardware. “Wang Feng made no secret when people refer to when a spot is Diva’s excitement, but also very determined Fiil’s future lies in integration with content. In his words, the world has not been the cold machine control, life still full of powerful content:

“We get a consensus in the past 10 months is, be sure to deep into the content side. So, you will see this Diva can directly read the Music Department of tens of thousands of song of the sea, the user can speak to the headphones, FIIL+ is home to a powerful content in the future. We do not want to walk behind the times. ”

Content that is music, Wang Fengbi to challenge all the more clear that music is worth.

Nowadays, the copyright debate is in full swing, Wang Feng, failing to hide her embarrassment was: as a musician, he would like to see royalties increase, and as Chairman of a music platform, unlimited content means that deep into it.

So, predictably, one day, when Wang Feng and his Fiil when standing in front of a real opponent, they faced heckling never Fiil headset design, sound quality, and even shipped, but in the interview, he asked reporters before the end of the sentence: “can you imagine the value of 10 million songs, please? ”


China brush optical transmission record per second up to 400T

China brush optical transmission record per second up to 400T

According to the media, yesterday, the Conference on Science and technology, post ASTRI in Wuhan in Hubei Province, said the laboratory was recently refreshed again optical transmission record, 400T per second. iWatch Case

After calculation, this means that the thickness of a hair fiber capacity of 4.8 billion people online call to transfer 200,000 HD movies within 1 second. iWatch bumpframe

All along, the experts through better cables at both ends of the device, allow every 4 years, fiber-optic transmission speeds to increase 10 times. At present, home more than ordinary optical fiber limiting transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. That rate far behind the needs of society in the coming years, in order to avoid the appearance before 2020 “capacity friction” (network bandwidth demand) phenomena and laboratories around the world make maximum speed more in research and development of new optical fiber.

Youke Yuan official said that this achievement to capture the special multi-core single-mode fiber-optic technology, it can support large capacity optical transmission. For this technique, post ASTRI invested research and development spending has exceeded 1 billion yuan.

We know that traditional optical fiber contains only a single “core”, is the way it works by letting the photon in fiber to transmit optical signals bounce between the inner wall. Researchers have added to the fiber more “core”, so that it can simultaneously transmit more data. Advanced signal processing algorithms on the basis of this, it will be possible to increase transmission speed.

The end of 2014, PSV PSV Eindhoven-Finnish Polytechnic University and researcher at the University of Central Florida in accordance with this principle, contains 7 elliptical core optical fibers is developed. In addition, they have also developed a more energy-efficient signal processing algorithms, each core can transmit higher than 3 times the amount of data in the past. When combining the two technologies, the researchers used a single wavelength of light on a single fiber can deliver up to 5.1TB/-second transmission speeds. With 50 kinds of wavelengths while transmitting data (prevalence of communications), in a 1km cable 255TB/-second transmission speeds can be achieved. If in the usual manner simply to increase signal strength will cause many problems in the cable, use multi core optical fibers are a good way to avoid this, and improves the throughput, but there are high efficiency low distortion rate. Technicians said the multi-core single-mode technology, like fiber has multiple parallel paved the way, total capacity will rise sharply.

iWatch bumpframe

The current environment, AR/VR, the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, and other products need to transfer large amounts of data, at this time, high-speed fiber-optic status is particularly important in the future.

First Pascal GPU 12 core CPU s ultimate processor NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

NVIDIA CES event, issued the world’s first car AI super computers DRIVE PX 2. But even more shocking is the parameter specifications, it has definitely worthy name of super computers, this is a running car on the server:

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

16nm FinFET-based craft, power consumption up to 250W, water-cooled heat sink design. 12 video camera input, laser, radar and Ultrasonic sensors;

CPU part: two-generation NVIDIA Tegra processor, which includes core and core 4 Denver 8 A57 (most likely is the first to make the A57 ran a small core of ARM architecture processors);

GPU part: the first NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU architecture Pascal (Pascal, claiming 10 times of the performance as the previous generation of Maxwell’s framework), single-precision computing power to 8TFlops, beyond the TITAN x, has 10 times more than double the depth of the computing power.

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

Aside A9X were blown to slag on the iPad Pro, even on desktop-level is blooming flower/Monster. Desktop-class TITAN x “only” 7TFLOPS, Intel Core I7 280GFLOPS, the property is equal to the sum of 150 MacBook Pro.

Remaining is the industry and use:

NVIDIA in the summer last year launched the first DRIVE PX, has over more than 50 automotive manufacturer-level suppliers and research institutions use it to drive development. Including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and other companies gave high evaluation to the technical developers.

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released
First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Lao Huang Daren said, in order to let the car automatically drive car needs through a variety of sensors sense the environment and generate accurate maps and precise positioning, and accurately predict in the extremely short time, also require deep learning. This is the unprecedented use of powerful processors.

YSL iPhone 5 Case

NVIDIA for self-driving cars, creating end-to-end called NVIDIA DIGITS deep learning training platform. The platform is deployed by DRIVE PX 2, give the car a better understanding of the whole world, through the network so that each car is build your own deep learning network. Level is to create “NVIDIA DRIVENET deep neural network”, through six months of training, KITTI object detection DataSet accuracy rates had reached 88%. YSL iPhone 5 Case

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

Tips YSL iPhone 5 Case

First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released
First Pascal GPU+12-core CPU's ultimate processor, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 released

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When when I am with you and the goddess the watch can control time speed

When when I am with you and the goddess, the watch can control time speed

Do you remember that classic theory of relativity explained? GUCCI iPhone 6 Cases

When I am with you and Gao Yuanyuan, time is passing too fast; and by the time you’re with Luo yufeng, time passes too slowly.

JungHoon Lee, who brought the designer’s Watch, allows you to experience this time manually at any time.


Classic analog watch, but there is a small, round window can be turned.

Designers say when you make small window into a time zone, it was forced to focus time, zoom in “relativity” characteristics, particularly fast. GUCCI case for iphone

GUCCI case for iphone

Or slow.


Quite when used on some procrastinators.

Brothers, we’re running out of time, and quickly hit.

Designer: JungHoon Lee, Dongkyu DK Lee


Portable collapsible myType wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Portable collapsible myType wireless Bluetooth keyboard

As the Smartphone performance improvement, we had to do some things on the computer can be done by phone, but due to reasons of touch screen, so we are still difficult to get a better typing experience on a touch screen, on the market, has introduced a number of wireless keyboards designed for smart devices, however, these keyboards are generally larger, still struggling to meet the needs of users of portable.

Mobile phone is a smart product, can be tucked into pockets, very portable, but keyboard design size is big, so to be portable or is difficult. Flexible materials such as silica gel may be able to solve this problem, as we introduced the wireless keyboard that can be stuffed into his pockets, but the keyboard has some problems, in order to size the keyboard, it put the buttons was also reduced, which led to the distance between the keys of a standard keyboard range is different, typing feels odd. Do you have a better solution? Today we’re going to introduce a Kickstarter on portable foldable keyboard.

Portable collapsible myType wireless Bluetooth keyboard

The keyboard called myType size design, distance between the keys is absolutely the same as keyboard at your desk, giving you the most comfortable feel.

Full size design keyboard size does not mean you will have a great, myType is silicone material, in the middle of the keyboard also designed a folding grooves so that the keyboard can be folded directly.

Portable collapsible myType wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Folded pad after mobile phone

MyType is the most interesting of the left and right side buttons are not aligned, are misplaced, collapsed when the right side of the button can be embedded in the left side of the button, so that you can minimize the thickness of the fold. iPhone Moschino

iPhone Moschino

Portable collapsible myType wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Finally, myType features and parameters

Range: normal use 1 Lithium battery Micro USB charging port Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connections, spill-resistant black and white variety of optional colors red and green dimensions when open: 31.75cmX9.144cmX0.762cm folded size: 17.272cmX9.144cmX0.889cm

Portable collapsible myType wireless Bluetooth keyboard
Portable collapsible myType wireless Bluetooth keyboard

via:Kickstarter iPhone 6 Moschino

HTC One X9 exposure there is no longer much Chin

HTC One X9 exposure, there is no longer much Chin

Recently HTC One X9 the real machine exposure, the machine uses all-metal fuselage, the front covered by a block of glass, Boomsound speaker uses a hidden design, therefore also leave enough space on his forehead for big sausage Logo,HTC on HTC India finally having to design for the Logo of a long Chin. Disney case

HTC One X9 exposure, there is no longer much Chin

One X9 with 5.5 inch 1080P screen, paired with an eight-core 2.2GHz processor 2G 16GB ROM and RAM and supports up to 1TB the memory card expansion, post 13 million pixels, pre-5 million pixels.

HTC One X9 exposure, there is no longer much Chin

Although the HTC does not disclose specific processor model, but because wireless chip mediatek MT6630, no accident, One X9 should be using the mediatek Helio X10 processor.

HTC One X9 exposure, there is no longer much Chin

In addition the machines also support dual SIM dual standby, each has a card slot design, and the user without the need for card PIN card slot cutout.

Disney case

HTC One X9 exposure, there is no longer much Chin

Currently the tagline has been exposed, will be the “next great” as the theme for publicity, seems to imply that One X9 design template design style would become HTC in the future, it is reported that the machine could be officially released at CES Consumer Electronics Show. Disney phone case

Revealing dark Web visiting underground

Lei Feng network Note: learning assertive communication and scientific research in this paper, do not reference the malicious content using this platform and the author to the reader’s behavior does not assume any legal responsibility.

(Picture from

In this world, there is Yin Yang, there is day there the night, there will have to surface underground. Dark NET is not good or bad, but that it belongs to this part of the world.

We often heard that dark in the news networks, some say above the trafficking of various drugs, some say trafficking in a variety of data, others say there are a variety of illegal substances, then what is the dark NET? What dark online are not known “services” and “trade”?

* Data withheld sensitive information covered in this article, but not dark and related site specific access method.

| Background network introduction

Let us talk about the network hierarchy.

We search in the search engine’s content is mostly in the surface layer (the Surface Web), no matter how many websites indexed by search engines, which is the entire online world of the tip of the iceberg. Characteristics of surface-layer network is to allow any user to access the network, such as news pages, ad pages, Facebook page, etc.

In addition to the surface layer of data, network data that is left in the Deep Web. Characteristics of the Deep Web is access to the data requires specific permissions. Some pages require a specific cookie to access your circle of friends, your FreeBUF your personal settings page. There are a variety of types of permissions as well as Cookie, for example, some specific IP you need to access the server, through the company’s VPN access to the intranet environment. Here there is the possibility of multiple Deep Web, not explained here, please all of you to the brain.

Dark Net is so-called dark networks, also called the shadow network (shadow Web). This type of network layer belongs to the most private parts of the Internet. We generally use onion routing network resources is commonly referred to as dark nets and, of course, some people say that only the illegal network of industry resources called dark Web. Here we do not judge, but you can know that be dark network of invisibility and anonymity is extremely high, this is not available to the other networks.

Network-layer ice structure

Tor technical principles

Access the secret there are a variety of ways, but is mainly accessed through Tor. Tor is an anonymous and strongest in the browser, the main reason is Tor uses onion routing network technology.

Main principle is the onion routing an encrypted network transport protocol uses a number of proxies and strict encryption method, causing the others could not be traced to the user’s specific location and allow users to have total anonymity on the Internet.

Onion networks

History of Tor

So how did the onion routing was born? Here is history of the birth of onion routing information:

1990: United States Naval Institute began researching the onion routing (Onion Routing) network project

1997: the United States Defense Advanced Research Institute took over the onion routing research

2002: Syverson, and some scientists started alpha version of Tor, Tor uses onion routing technology.

2004: Tor project related source code, from the United States Naval Research Laboratory leaked to the Internet

2006: Mathewso and five other scientists to restart Tor project and building networks of Tor nodes on servers around the world.

| Visit dark NET

Access the dark must be able to use Tor (the onion network) browser.

Tor browser to access a network mainly based on onion routing protocol, this Protocol can be used in any network transport layer, such as Tor Email, Forum of Tor, Tor Wikipedia, Tor online store, and so on. But due to the anonymity of onion routing is very strong, so many black industry appeared in the onion network, and these black industry occupies most of the onion network network data.

Tor’s powerful network of more than acting. After you use Tor every time you access the Web site the onion network nodes will be different. That is, the Tor onion proxy is dynamic. I opened both Baidu and Google in a Tor browser, as you can see, both the proxy addresses that are used on the Web site are not the same.

Browse used Baidu to proxy server

Use Google traffic to the proxy server

In Tor onion on most Web sites have a feature’s end is the end with the onion, for example xxxxx.onion, is not common … com,.org or something like that. This domain name is onion-specific domain name.

Wikipedia get the Tor website is based on the classification of the following ratios:

Violence information 0.3%

Weapon 0.8%

Social information 1.2%

Hacker News 1.8%

Illegal porn 2.3%

Social network 2.3%

Moschino iPhone 6 plus

Extremist information 2.7%

Unknown information 3%

Other illegal information 3.8%

Financial information 6.3%

Drug information 8.1%

Additional information 19.6%

Insignificant data 47.7%

| Dark in the “special services” Onion mailbox services

Mailbox is also based on the Onion the onion network set up, has a strong hidden and also one of the most commonly used communication tools of black market.

Onion mailbox

Tor chat system

In addition to Onion message outside, some people also use this Protocol was developed and TIRC Tor chat room. Popularity here following IRC,IRC’s full name is Internet Relay Chat. Due to this chat protocol encryption and compatibility of two characters, by many Governments, businesses and individuals alike. In order to increase the anonymity of chat protocols, someone has developed a TIRE, the full name is Tor Internet Relay Chat. And a lot of hackers and black businessmen in order to ensure your privacy and security, they will use this approach to online exchange rates.

Tor chat room

Tor Forum Moschino iPhone 6 plus

Addition to other chat rooms, dark networks there are many “famous” anonymous Forum.

A dark network Forum

The HUB (black market forums) http://t*********IYC.onion/

Darknet Avengers (black market forums) http://Ave********t2a6.onion/

DarkNet Central (black market forums) http://2U********MB6.onion

KickAss (hacking Forum) http://KIC*********UK.onion

Dark NET search engine

Dark NET also has its own search engine. These search engines search Google can’t find something, like some dark network product, very secret wiki encyclopedia, and so on.

Dark online very famous DUCK search engine

Dark in the “Taobao” black

What we heard in the news arms trafficking, data such as trafficking are in the black market. Dark screen black market operation mode and operation mode of today’s Internet Mall is a lot like. Sellers if you want to sell something to pay a security deposit. In order to guarantee the security of buyers trading, large black market is a third party receivables. Users paying for a product, then converted to the webmaster’s account. If the buyer determine goods no problem, so the money and hands to the business. If you have any problems, then the administrator will withdraw the merchant’s shopping cart, and send money back to the buyer’s account. It is worth mentioning that, dark no matter what you purchase something online only through currency purchases.

Here are several large global network of dark black market.


Dream Market

Valhalla (Silkkitie)

Hansa Market

Outlaw Market

Python Market

Acropolis Market

Silk Road 3.0


House Of Lions

Zocalo Market

Dr. D’s Market


The Majestic Garden

Ramp (Russian Forum)

Oasis Market


Darknet Heroes League


TheDetox Market


Dark screen black market belongs to the darkest area of the Internet as a whole, in this above what will sell.

On the black market, best selling commodity most drug classes. Below is the number of a dark network store is selling drugs. Fully occupied the dark 80% of commodity resources.

A dark net number of selling drugs

United States marijuana has not lifted the State marijuana price at about 15 to 20 dollars per gram, while 112 grams of cannabis online price is only $ 550. Almost $ 5 a gram, than buy cheap out three times. According to the cannabis market in China, and a roll of India oath cannabis (0.4 g) price sold to users in the 50 to 70 Yuan. I want to say is very cheap on the dark network of drug, are generally manufacturers direct to customers (O2C sales model). Cheap drug prices as well as dark nets drug-dealing one of the main causes of flooding.

Dark online sale of cannabis

In addition to marijuana, dark online have cheap fence material. Such as diamonds, gold, and so on. A fence of gold watch sold for $ 85.

Dark online fence material

Not only that, but also explosives, guns, rockets and other arms sales.

The sale of firearms

Bombs for sale

This is not finished, and hackers are prepared in a variety of Kit, there is also a wide variety of free to kill Trojan, blackmail Trojans, listen Trojans and so on.

Hackers write Kit

I’m sorry?! Do you think it’s not? There are a variety of tools that hackers find 0day and.

Office 2016 unpublished vulnerabilities using scripts

Password reset exploit Apple script

There are a lot of incredible things, like human organs, Chinese-made imitations, animal feces, AIDS blood, Cobra venom, and so on. Onion routing network not only spawned the dark network the platforms, and online casino online, anonymous online chat and other Internet products.

Dark online cohabitation, on the smaller trading platforms have a lot of cheats, also placed the FBI entrapment in the large platform stores, while some retailers sell had been leaked in the above database or rotten Street Kit, here we need to judge for themselves. While some of you may have wondered why the dark online product so cheap. As I said before, dark online trading currency is currency and Untraceability of the coins features, so in the dark Web of money-laundering activities are frequent.

| Written in the last

Tor when you created the project, aim is dedicated to online anonymity and privacy technology research, development and education, but today the onion routing network had violated the original intention, and dark the existence and development of the network seems to “Beginner’s mind” in opposite directions.

In writing this article, my heart is a tangle of dark online–after all, there are a lot of illegal material and black transactions. But from another perspective, the underground industry is not entirely a negative thing, to some extent, underground industry closer to the needs of users of this profile. This day and age is quite easy to obtain information, as access to “dark Web” method is not difficult to find on the Internet. If you cannot face up to and understanding of the underground industry, lack of proper guidance and exposure, allowed things to develop freely, some dark side may actually be around. Moschino iPhone 6 plus cases

This paper only from the academic perspective, is not legal, and anything illegal will be severely punished by the law.

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) Note: this author ArthurKiller,FreeBuf exclusive authorized network of Lei feng, reproduced please specify from FreeBuf hackers and geeks (FreeBuf.COM)